Phase I consisting of First and Second Year of MBBS Progran

1st Phase MBBS in Bangladesh

Duration 1½ year (18 Months)

Subjects: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry

Final Examination: First Professional MBBS

Minimum Passing marks is 60 percent – Student shall have to pass written (MCQ+SAQ+formative), Oral, Practical and Clinical Examination Separately.

Study Plan in Phase I – MBBS in Bangladesh

Distribution of teaching learning hours:

Phase 1 MBBS in Bangladesh

After First Phase final University Examination

Marks Distribution First Professional Examination

SubjectsWritten Exam marksStructured Oral Exam marksPractical Exam marksFormative Exam marksTotal Marks
Soft partHard part

Phase I First Phase Study Plan in Medical Curriculum in Bangladesh

Books and Reference Guide for 1st Year MBBS Study in Bangladesh